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We love our horses we do. No doubt you’ll agree that it is all about the love of the horse. We are keen to help you with a remarkable product as well as with top quality care to make your horse and you a more successful team. Aloeride helps you to get much more out of riding your horse and here’s how we help to make more enjoyment happen… help for your equine discipline (on the right), or help for an issue you’re having trouble with (below) and we’ll do our utmost to give you a straight forward, qualified answer.

One palatable Aloeride powder sachet, sprinkled over feed daily, helps your horse to a certified organic nutrient spectrum that delivers support in several key areas all at the same time. When your horse feels comfortable, it is happier to follow your instructions and it is more capable of doing whatever you’ve trained it to do. We do our utmost to make Aloeride as perfect and as affordable as possible, that however is not where our care stops. We also help our customers with feeding reviews by the best independent equine nutritionists in the UK.

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  1. Jenny Peak says:

    Sioux is fed with Simple Systems Metaslim and Lucie Pellets, Carrots and other veg and fruit occasionally and of course Hay. She piles on the weight in the summer if allowed, and has fat pads most of the year round without the Metalsim. Will Aloeride increase her tendency to overweight since it promotes a good digestion? She has good solid feet, will Aloeride make them grow faster (we have our farrier every 6 weeks which is quite enough!)

    • Dear Jenny, lovely to see your question here. Our very first sponsored rider was fastidious about her horse. Very frequent veterinary vists and one aspect of their protocol was girth and weight. When Whoop was put on Aloeride (and was taken off other supplements!) Roberta’s vet measured a significant increase in weight at no increase in girth, and this means of course an increase in lean body mass. Roberta had visually observed this already and asked me if Whoop was going to end up like Rambo which in dressage isn’t exactly what you want (no it wouldn’t become Rambo!). So your first take home point is that Aloeride increases lean body mass, it doesn’t increase fat. The second thing is that horses and people get fat not because of protein, not because of lipids but because of carbohydrates. So, carbohydrate tolerance is the key. Research has shown that generic aloe vera helps with both T1DM and T2DM which is quite extraordinary. So, between nutrients helping the pancreas, aloe vera constituents help glucose tolerance factor which helps glucose move into cells. And when it comes to hooves… check this out and I am sure you’ve already had a look at Jenny why don’t you ring 01858 465005 and speak to me directly, we’ll be delighted to help your horse.